3 Fabrics that say "I Love You"

 Ladies, it's that time already! Express your love and admiration towards those closest to you during this Valentine's day. 

Whether you are celebrating the day with a significant other, friends or family or even yourself-there is ALWAYS a good excuse to indulge in some sweet, tasty treats while you snuggle up in our feel- good items!!  

Here are 3 of Atelier Volpe's favorite must-have fabrics for this Valentine's day! 

Cozy Cashmere

Don't feel lonely on the day of love!

Get into one of these sworn-by sweaters from The Cashmere Shop. Suited for a casual date nights out-or in, cashmere fabric is a fabulous must-have item in the prime of Canada's cold winter months.

The owners of the brand believe in the best quality. Their methods of fabrication is carefully controlled through hand combing their herds situated among their heritage home in Magnolia-where the best cashmere is harvested!

Lacated and downtown Toronto, The Cashmere Shop offers a variation of beautiful styles in an adored range of color options and geometric shapes.

You can also treat yourself to stylish accessories for you and your home.

In addition, The Cashmere Shop offer a men's and infant selection as well- just in case you need any great gift ideas!! 



100% Egyptian Cotton

For those travelers out there, we have something for you!

Visit Las Vegas, Nevada's hotel chain at The Wynn hotel for their exquisite bedding collection.

With emphasis for its breathability and comfortably smooth texture; the Italian made fabric is produced in 100% pure Egyptian cotton that consists of reinforced seams to prevent any impingement or premature wear and tear.

Obtaining over 500 thread count, the hotel bedding collection is made to have you feel like royalty, feeling relaxed and appreciated when you get into bed.

Each package is coated in a particular guard to prevent shrinkage and ensure your bedding gives that crisp, pressed look!

Do it for yourself if you do it for anything at all!


Sizes available from Queen-California King. 

visit: www.wynnathome.com/collections

Simply Silk

Luxury silks are featured in many types of lingerie.

This Valentine's Day, put on something soft and delicate and choose a garment that not only looks great for a Valentine but makes you feel confident and beautiful!

There is a wide selection when deciphering between the different garment options. Whether its a silk slip, two piece sexy set or corset, you can not go wrong when choosing silk as your go to feel-good fabric! 

Many luxury lingerie brands decent from European countries such as Belgium, France, Netherlands and the UK.

Check out the raving PrimaDonna lingerie line at Inside Story Lingerie and Swim boutique in the heart of Oakville, Ontario. 

We at Atelier Volpe have done the research for you! This brand is not only obviously gorgeous,  but they have taken their time to consider sizing and shapes for ALL body types!

PrimaDonna has elegantly perfected women's sizing and taken all the anxiety out of the lingerie experience for over 150 years and remains having that same goal in mind. 


Leave it to them to extenuate a woman's self-confidence, love and charisma during this holiday as you embrace yourself and feel connected with the one you love. 

We invite you to discover the kind of gift that will have you radiating forever more!


Enjoy this day of love by sharing yours with others and here with us!