About Us

 Atelier Volpe is an opulent label that focuses on creating statement apparel to inspire confidence for women.

The label radiates poise through elaborate, international inspired designs with an emphasis on modern culture.

"Our mission is for our clients to feel bold, powerful and sexy, sophisticated and gorgeous no matter which garment they choose from the Volpe collection. Fashion is a language of its own kind, and Atelier Volpe thrives on unveiling a woman's self-confidence, capabilities and her potential through compliments of well tailored, eye catching designs that speak for themselves. The garments you wear should positively alter your state of mind, that ultimately contributes towards a community of empowered women." Says Alyssa-CEO & Creative Director of the luxury brand. 

After an upbringing of an apparent and committed life-long passion for fine-quality design, Alyssa Volpe is most grateful for her team as well as the fire that never suppresses her to continue to create. All of which brought her to achieve the dream and bring Atelier Volpe to life.  

"I love a confident smile on a woman!"

-Alyssa Volpe