Does Clothing Effect Behavior?

Does your attire affect your attitude?? 


     An array of psychological studies & surveys have revealed that there is a vial impact on one's performance associated with what they are wearing. Scientific studies actually theorize that there are professional enchantments when you "look good-feel good."  


     Initially, clothing intended to protect one against the cold and rainy weather and alleviated you from the scorching sun or natural elements. In modern times the fashion industry creates clothing to positively alter personalities & social cliques to whom share commonalities with. We care about the way we see ourselves & relate it to how successful we are not just financially but intellectually as well. 


      A small study called the Enclothed Cognition Science shows that there is a deep connection between the meaning of clothing to its consumer. Wearing clothes one feels confident in,  translates into feelings and emotions that increase self-love and happiness. Though this study is modest, there has been many other universities that has tested how people`s attitude relates to clothing. Research supports that a quick fix for a bad day is to wear bright colors. This escalates in boosting moods, energy and state of mind. 


       Clothing can be also associated with roles and duties that subconsciously have individuals to mimic the role of what they are wearing. For example, it is as simple as giving two people a white button down coat; one being told they're wearing a janitors smock and one a doctors lab coat. Both wearing the same coat, one sees themselves as successful and produces quality emotions while the other does not manifest the same euphoric mental state. This example shows how one  perceives themselves when wearing outfits that symbolize honorable and glorified positions.  

      Those who prefer to always dress to perfection are also said to significantly perform more powerfully and have more control of a situation than when they are under-dressed. The idea is not to dress for stereotypes of the public eye or specific industries, however it proves that by doing so, one can receive beneficial repercussions. When one is confident in what they are wearing, their body image becomes less of a struggle and body language becomes more important than clothing sizes!


      Therefore it is fair to conclude that one can confidently adapt to their ambiance through fashion and everyone well deserves the encouragement to wear clothes that bring only the best out of them!