Take these tips with you on your next adventure and let us know your favourites! 


  • Wear a Crossbody: Travel easier by using handbags that come with their own beautiful crossbody straps making your trip weightless and arms free!

  • Be Digital: Most airports are up to date with the latest technology. Download your boarding pass to your phone's wallet upon online check-in to make for a seamless sequence! It's paperless, one less item to have on hand- and let's face it, our phones are habitually always within arms reach or if not, closer.

  • Use Ear Pods/Audibles: "I never knew I loved you until I met you." That's what we said when switching your tangled up headphones to ear pods. Most adored for their convenience and appreciable daily routine design; the Apple ear pods are best used to indulge in a music playlist on your favorite streaming app or to get caught up listening to an audible. Why carry extra gadgets when it is all available in one  easily accessible device. 

  • Chanel Eye Roller: Don't fright the flight with cabin pressure and baggy eyes. The Chanel eye roller is the latest treasure you will have that helps firm wrinkles and revitalize eyes. This is a HOT product and is commonly sold out- don't miss out!

  • Packing In Cubes: The AV community adores a good organizational tip. When it comes to packing your luggage, use packing cubes. Available in various sizes and patterns, packing cubes are best used to ensure your belongings stay put and compartmentalized. Avoid inconvenient events such as cleaning messy bottled liquids, shattered makeup and scattered belongings. They are washable to use and reuse for years! 

  • Facial Device:  For all the wrestles flyers out there- ladies we have you covered. With the ZIIP beauty nano-current facial device you can take advantage of the time you may not get during the week. Sit back and relax to treat yourself to a 12 minute facial session.  While your at it, applaud yourself for taking the extra "me-time" moments  and starting your holidays with a beautiful glow.

  • Vitamin C: Do not forget the importance of a true Vitamin C face serum. Maritime Naturals serum is an all natural, effective face topical that prevents sun damage, builds collagen and improves tightness in the skin. Apply it in the morning prior to starting the day and feel protected.

  • Travel Foot Rest: Wow, is what we have to say. Why didn't we think of this earlier? For those who need the extra leg circulation here it is! The travel tool is designed to hang off the back of your table. Engineered for your foot rest in mind, the feet, calves and legs benefit from experiencing less cramps, pains and aches during the flight.

Enjoy your holiday! You are now vacation ready!