Optimize Your Closet Organization

Nothing to wear, yet so many clothes? Story of our lives! Today we are here to share some tips and tricks for your optimal closet organization. At Atelier Volpe we are strong believers that regardless of your closet size, there are solutions to help transform your space. After all, a clear space is a clear mind! 

 The Atelier go-to closet essential are baskets/boxes. If you do not have them, you need to make this a priority! We suggest using baskets for organizing bathing suits, jewelry boxes, sun-glasses in their cases (if your a sun-glass hoarder like ourselves) or even storing files and folders. For a more luxurious storage alternative, built in box compartments can be installed within the corners of extra spaces to optimize your closet square-footage.

Next, what we are about to share will change. Your. World. Bamboo organizers are the absolute most adored storage tip of all times. These storage boxes fit into drawers and can be filled to store your folded undergarments, socks, straps and more. Trust this when we tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than opening your underwear drawer and seeing how nicely organized they all are. It is next level love! Plus, these wooden organizers always look high end and who doesn't love that?

Go through your current hangers and get rid of all the colorful, dry-clean saved and mix matched sizes. Invest a small amount into these velvet fabric hangers that allow for your clothing to simply do what it is supposed to do and stay on the hanger! Available in black or nude color options, the material prevents your clothes from slipping, falling and creating an overall disaster when searching through outfit choices. Personally, we also just love the look of all hangers in unison as you will be drawn more towards your options rather than being distracted by the various inconvenience of your hangers.

On the topic of hangers, add a rod/hanger hooker to your closet to reach for higher items!

There is no such thing in having too many shoes-really there isn't. Since we totally sympathize with a little shoe fetish, we want you to be able to store them in a safe and organized manor. Install shelving that is deep enough for at least two rows of shoes. We do not believe in stacking shoes or shoe rods as that can ruin or distort good shoes and the rods can be nerve wracking when they fall off. Deep shelving enables you to visualize your sea of options in front of you and not forgetting everything you have. What is the point in having things if you tuck them away, right? Keep your options open and on display. If a display is not your type then add a fancy door to the shelving or make the shoe display into a lazy-Susan if space is limited!

Adding pull-out drawers is almost a no-brainier when it comes to reorganizing your closet. When the drawers are deep enough, you can fit many folded shirts and sweaters and when they are slightly flush they help keep all of the miscellaneous enclosed. We recommend drawers with no handles so items don't get pulled on them. Sleek and modern designs made to slightly press into pulling out will come with no regrets.

You may not realize but our closets have a lot in common already. We are certain that all of us fashion Diva's have many types of gorgeous pieces made in investible fabrics. This is why it is important to keep them in good condition, to be able to continuously wear. Clear and plastic garment dividers are extremely helpful to prevent sensitive textures such as crepes and silks from catching onto sequin or zippers. These dividers are hung from a hanger and are as long as a full size garment bag-without an insert. We love the fact that our garments are not stored inside garment bags all year around and once again, we can see what we have in front of us. Some people may also use dividers for transitioning seasons. Let us continue to take better care of the things that make us feel more beautiful. 

Lighting is something that not many of us think about when we undergo a closet U-Haul.  However, automatic lighting will help you see not just what you have but perhaps also, what you do not need? As we collect over the years it is easy to pay no mind to the extra things kept in the back of our drawers or wracks. With some illumination your closet will always look aesthetically pleasing and keep you from neglecting with your personal treasures. 

 Do you remember what it feels like to walk into your favorite store and smell that certain endearing scent? It feels valuable, sexy, clean and crisp at all times. Get yourself some scented sachets filled with your choice of fragrance. Then place a couple of them inside your closet and even place one in each drawer. The aroma will rub off onto your clothing just enough for them to smell fresh as it lasts for months! These packets are also great to enclose the scented beads from rubbing onto your clothing for those who have allergies or sensitive skin. Welcome yourself into your closet, your personal shop! 

 There is a sense of accomplishment one feels when maintaining organization. Utilizing these closet hacks with little energy, when you appreciate the rewarding cleanliness, it no longer becomes a chore as it brightens your soul!


Hugs and Kisses,

From the love of V.