Our Favourite Brands of Healthy Alternatives

Nut butter- Cashew butter is your new go-to for spreading on toast, dipping with apples and even crackers. This spreadable delight serves many health benefits such as stronger bones, increasing metabolism, immunity and controlled blood pressure to name a few. 

Gluten free toast bread- Silver Hills Sprouted power bread is high in fiber and low in sugars. This bread is nutritious and provides improved energy levels to help fuel you through your day.   

Dairy free Yogurt- Daiya yogurt is our favourite dairy free brand out there. It is tasty and fluffier than some of the lumpier brands of dairy free yogurts. High in pea, potato and coconut proteins Daiya yogurt is full of vitamins and calcium while containing low amounts of sugar. 

Crackers- Mary's Garlic Rosemary thin crackers are amazing. Mary's Crackers are most popular for there circle shaped grain crackers but these are even better. To fight a carb craving, indulge in these organic bites on their own or along side dips.

Cheese- Daiya cheddar "cheese" is repeatedly one of the best brands for dairy free products. Sliced, graded or good for melting Daiya cheese can easily have you forgetting about mainstream dairy cheese brands for its comparable and addictive taste.

Milk- Out of all the milk alternatives available, oat milk is studied to be the highest quality while holding its dairy free status. Oat milk is plant based and contains pure oats that are naturally gluten free and is a vegan's preference!