The Atelier's Top Household Must Have's

A home should be a safe haven. With some glam, sophistication and style you can achieve just that! 

The Leaner Mirror. Every house should have a wall-mirror. It does more than just its sole purpose- it is a piece of art that more and more home decor studios idolize. The Louis Phillipe Gilt leaner mirror can be found at Restoration Hardware and is our favourite as it is classic and timeless with a definite "Wow" factor.    

Cascading lighting. Double matching pendents were a huge hit for a while, but out with the old and make way for cascade lighting. This is another expression of elegant craft through light fixtures and its modern uses in home decor. These cascading figures are just gorgeous!

The accent planter. You can call it decor or you can call it ambiance, indoor planters that set good vibes only. Actively, plants do just that. They provide cleaner air spaces and increase oxygen levels while reducing stress to boost immune systems. It is shown that having indoor plants increase productivity and stimulate therapeutic concentration. Bring some more life within your home and create your serenity. What does that look like?

Swing beds. We are quite literally obsessed with outdoor/indoor swing beds. Not only are they amusing and comfortable for a good read but these days they can be designed with luxury in fabulous custom designs. Entertaining parties or single swing sessions, bring on the swing beds!


Must have portable blender. The Blendjet portable blender is the next best kitchen must have we have yet to discover! Don't you hate cleaning a traditional blender right after you use it? Truthfully, we resort to collecting webs in our cabinets rather than putting it to use. The Blendjet is practical and convenient for our on-the-run daily lifestyle. It is easy to clean after drinking from it and powerfully blends and crushes into your perfectly made beverage. It truly helps to keep healthy when things are simpler and less of a time restraint. Check them out for more information on this beauty!