Timeless "Trends?"

What is fashion without statement silhouettes?

We all know that Cinderella's iconic look is the bustled ball gown, but can that be a wardrobe essential? If you can appreciate a vintage touch then you can consider the ball gown to be up-cycled for several years-and that my ladies, is a classic and timeless statement piece for all.

From being worn with opera length gloves, to the versatility of full skirts to hug any lady figure, high-low cuts and comforting corset replacements, the elegance of the gown pillars this silhouette to boomerang back into the 21st century seamlessly! 

Stay tuned to see how Atelier Volpe will take a versatile approach and a modern spin of the 18th century historic heritage of this look!


                                                       TICK TOCK, its just a matter of time.