Your Body Is Your Temple

During this unprecedented time, we are here to help you conquer quarantine!

As we approach our third month of self isolation, here are three main focal points that are practiced daily to further our self-development.


Some people write, some people meditate and some pray for things that they are grateful for. Others may even call family members and friends to give their thanks. Regardless of how you choose to do so, it is important to express gratitude frequently. Though we are isolated, we are in this together and many people must not forget all of the things that we easily take for granted. Remember, you are worth more than your worry! We have water and a home to live in. We likely have family and friends for moral support and mostly-we have a voice and it should be used passionately. We challenge you to use your voice for action, weather that is taking action towards a personal goal or to positively impact others, your gratitude can spark joy. 

Staying active

Keep the blood flowing through your body! Make a date with yourself to show some love and turn to your local Zoom classes or live social media videos for exercise. By now, we are all aware of the physical and mental health benefits that fitness provides us with. Taking isolated walks is your first step. However, join in on virtual team activities that will provide you with additional motivation you will need for the rest of your day. You can also be the one to create your own daily routine that you can part take in with your children or friends together. You may be a mom, a wife, a strong, independent, hard working woman or all of the above so be strong for your one and only body and temple.  

Keeping the Conversation

Staying connected is different than staying social. Be connected in conversation with those you live with. It is easy to call somebody over the phone or to post things on our social media accounts rather than just being present. Check up on each other, discover each other, entertain one an other. You may already assume you know it all already but as days go by and things change, conversations can as well. Be up to date with each other. Do you know anything new about them? Is there anything you can do to further your relationships? If they are a front line worker, have you been able to comfort them? You can not say for sure if you haven't asked-right? In the end, you will never get this time back, so make it worth it!

When all of this is said and done you will get back to your daily routine. For some, they will be thankful to finally relax after the hustle. For others, they will become so busy that they will forget to embrace what really matters. Find your balance and take care of yourself so that you can take care of those that matter most to you. It starts with YOU, your body and your mind.